Food Shows

April 3, 2021 , Gourmet Exhibitions

Gourmet Exhibitions are held to celebrate and promote the growth and development of new ideas, food varieties, styles, taste and preferences. Food and drinks of international and local brands are showcased at the fairs, and the marketing strategy is highly effective and innovative. It helps the companies in achieving their marketing goals while generating new customers. The presence at a fancy food show or Exhibitions increases the chances of a brand to get noticed and a product to be recognized.

Many big names in the food and beverage have organized many fancy food shows in London, New York, Paris and many other cities. Amongst them, the most famous are Dibrino brothers from Italy who have organized the “Diegaco” in Milan and “The Great Food Street” in Hamburg. In these events, the company from Italy uses modern technology along with the best ingredients to serve its patrons with the best tasting meals. The “Diegaco” Fair is held in late February in Milan while the “Great Food Street” takes place in early March. Both these events draw huge number of food enthusiasts, buyers and sellers, from near and far.

The Gourmet Exhibitions organized by Dibrino & Gourmet in Milan and The Great Food Street in Hamburg are among the famous events in Italy. A large number of Italian food manufacturers, as well as restaurants, hotels, etc., take part in the events. These days, due to the increasing popularity of Italian food, there are thousands of people who visit Italy each year. Most of them are interested in attending or participating in events like “Diegaco” and “The Great Food Street.” These shows draw people with an open mind and a wish to learn more.

In early 2021, the “Diegaco” Fair was held in Milan and attracted participants from across the world. The fair was organized by Eli and Dibrino Gourmet, which are based in Rome. Eli Gourmet is also the owner of the famous Path Train restaurant. The fair was organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Eli Gourmet’s founding as a family owned restaurant. During the event, gourmet food was showcased from different Italian regions.

Eli and Dibrino Gourmet were established in 1978 by the following couple: Giancarlo and Maria Gelli. The name of the restaurant was inspired by two main figures of Italian cuisine, namely, Mario Puzo and Matteo Busacca. This family has been successful in catering both local and international cuisines, including Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Greek and Moroccan food.

Besides displaying their food products at the Gourmet Exhibitions, many chefs and foodies also participate in the events. They present their works at the Food Show, which is held in New York every year. Food shows are a great place for new food entrepreneurs to meet potential customers and be presented with samples of their food products. Food show audiences include people from all walks of life – it is a great place to meet people who may be able to help you further your business endeavors in the food and beverage industry.