Gourmet Exhibitions – International Culinary Entertainment for Food Lovers

October 23, 2021 , Gourmet Exhibitions


The term “Gourmet Exhibitions” may conjure up thoughts of grandiose grand festivals in expensive hotels and international fashion weeks. These are certainly the examples of the types of events that many associates think of when they hear the word “exhibit”. Gourmet fairs, day-long seminars and other dinners with like-minded people all focused on food, are also fairs, seminars and dinners, but they are generally indoors, away from the noise of the street and packed with attendees. Gourmet shows and expositions are usually more family oriented and focus on the fine dining, gourmet kitchen and related areas. Some examples of this type of show are theventh annual Miami Food & Wine Festival, Cinco de Mayo Classic, Sawdust Bakeshop, World of Flavors and the Florida Cream Tea Festival.

The Dibrino brothers’ annual Festa de Las Americas is one of the most popular fancy food shows in the country and takes place in the beautiful Spanish styled Palace of the Governors. This event also includes an incredible food crawl, featuring live music and great food by local restaurants and food vendors. The Gourmet Exhibition or Fancy Food Show in Seminole is another fun and exciting way to experience international cuisine, relaxation and fun.

The Dibrino and Emilio’s offerings have won many awards including the best offering in the Florida Southern Association of Home Builders category five years in a row. The Emilio brothers brought their love of food to life in bringing us Gourmet Exhibitions in Florida. They continue to be hard at work creating new offerings, while the family runs their restaurant as a family enterprise.