What to Eat and Why to Eat It

April 27, 2021 , Gourmet Exhibitions

If you love to eat and enjoy showing off your food, then attending a number of different Gourmet Exhibitions throughout the year can give you the satisfaction of creating great new food creations and getting people to come and sample what you and others have created. Food is art after all, so it makes sense that there would be many different types of art forms created around food. For example, people attending a fancy food show could be expected to sit on a bench and have their hands full of tweezers, knives, spatulas and all other types of kitchen tools. However, they may also be expected to engage in short demonstrations about the preparation of particular dishes, which are designed to entertain those who attend the gourmet exhibition.

One of the most famous of these fancy food shows is the Annual Dibrino Brothers Exhibition which takes place in Italy, UK every December. During the course of the exhibition the brother’s take to the streets in their unique carts, riding up and down the famous Emilia Romagna road to demonstrate the true colors and flavors of Italian produce. Visitors to the exhibition are treated to not only the traditional deli treats, but they are also invited to try some of the family favorite pasta sauces and other delicacies.

This year the Gourmet Exhibitions in Florence is celebrating their 10th year of bringing people into the world of Italian food and wine. The Emilia Romagna region of Italy is home to the Emilia D’Adda, or Dressing Table, as they are affectionately known. This large family owned business started in 1992 with two brothers, Mauro and Davide Dibrino. They now run the show wherever there is an Italian market, traveling up and down the country selling delicious foods, hand made specialty items and wine.

In their popular street stall they sell piping hot handmade sausages, handmade chocolates, pastas, olive oil, salami and much more. Pizzas from local bakeries and gelato shops, such as the famous La Perloga Gelato, are also sold by the Gourmet Exhibitions in Florence. The Gourmet Dinner on the Path Train is another attraction. Tourists can find a variety of fresh Italian dishes on offer at this gourmet restaurant.

Visitors to the Gourmet Exhibitions in Florence can find the elegant Hotel degna on the seafront just opposite the port of Triora. Here visitors are treated to a spectacular dinner, which features local organic ingredients from the area. The hotel offers visitors the choice of selecting from a selection of special cuisines from the Grecian and Turkish traditions or selecting from a list of international dishes based on ingredients found only on Long Island.

Another attraction on the streets of Florence is the Gourmet Deli. Here you will find fresh meat and seafood brought straight to your table. Popular food at this restaurant is Gourmet Ham, made in the traditional Italian style using local ingredients. Italian sausage links are toasted and salted before being seasoned with herbs, Rosemary and garlic. Fish such as fresh tuna, salmon, cod, and halibut are also available.